The ascension of slow dakota (2016)

The most visionary album we’ve heard this year... an amazing piece of work.
— The Line of Best Fit

Slow Dakota's third album, The Ascension of Slow Dakota, was released to critical acclaim in July of 2016. Written and recorded in Fort Wayne, New York, Vienna, Berlin, Gothenburg, and Queenstown: produced and mixed by Sahil Ansari, mastered by Greg Calbi. Heavily inspired by William Blake, Walt Whitman, and Christian myth, The Ascension is Slow Dakota's most ambitious work yet - a visionary journey back to the common ancestor of both "what is sung, and what is said." 

The album's singles - The Lilac Bush, I Saw Christ Crying in Hermès, In a Pigsty, and I Am Held Together - are all streaming on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. A music video for I Am Held Together surfaced in September, 2016 - directed by Sahil Ansari, featuring Alisha Bansal. The Ascension of Slow Dakota is also the subject of a short documentary by Brad Bores - featuring interviews, insights into the album's creation, and portraits of Ft Wayne, Indiana - where the album was recorded. After making rounds in the independent film festival circuit, the documentary will be made available to the public. 



"The first-ever encyclopedic album" - PopMatters

"The Ascension is Slow Dakota at his most creative, and his most unhinged – a prodigy in full possession of his talents" - Northern Transmissions


"With the Ascension, Slow Dakota crowns himself indie's new savant" - The Line of Best Fit

"A dense, modernist novel of a conceptual indie pop/folk record"  - No More Division


"With deep reverence for both beauty and intellect, Sauerteig is a gifted storyteller and a sincere songwriter" - The Wild Honey Pie

"A project that is thoroughly intricate, heartbreaking, and true" - ThrdCoast


"The Ascension packs itself so full of theological, literary and poetic references so as to almost laugh in the face of the three-minute hit singles" - NY Observer